About us

With the human visual field spanning 120 degrees the Copenhagen-based trio of Dirt Forge brings you the full 360. Heavy guitar riffs, chords and odd time signatures whirling around in a vortex of soundscapes, synths and interchanging roles of the instruments drag the listener through a lyric world of human flaws and inadequacies. Circling around progressive song writing there are no do’s/don’ts in the world of Dirt Forge – only ventures into the void of musical exploration.

After the critically acclaimed debut, ‘Soothsayer’, Dirt Forge is now ready with sophomore album ‘Interspheral’. Exploring a much more experimental page of the heavier side of metal, Dirt Forge now steps even further outside the boundaries of what is expected within the genre. With producer Lasse Ballade at the helm (Solbrud, Slægt, Konvent) and Brad Boatright doing the mastering, Dirt Forge has now teamed up with Stockholm-based powerhouse label Majestic Mountain Records for a match made in heaven.


Outlaws Of The Sun – “One of the best albums of the year”

My Global Mind – “This is awesome!” – 9/10

Doom Charts November (Top 10 placement)

Heavymetal.dk – “A fantastic journey!” – 9/10 (in danish)

Metal Storm – 8/10

Slavestate.se – “Among the best I’ve heard from Denmark – ever!” – 4/5

Riffcult.net – “Even if you’re not a doom/sludge fan, you should check it out!” (in japanese)



“Tip of the month” in Rock Hard Magazine in 2017 + review of “Soothsayer” – 8/10

Devilution – “An efficient and well-executed opening of Roskilde Festival, which bodes well for the band’s future.” – 4/5  (in danish)

Devilution – When Copenhell Freezes Over – 4/5 (in danish)

The Metal Observer – “Riff of the year!” – 9/10

Heavymetal.dk – “This is definitely not the last time I will put this record on.” – 9/10 (in danish)

Devilution – “The stars of tomorrow”  (in danish)